16 March, 2018

Tobacco, alcohol and drugs in the last years have marked a visible increase of use from the youth in our country.

Very concerning is the age of users that has come down at primary school level, where especially the use of tobacco and marijuana has become almost normal.

But the question is: Can we do something about it? Me, you, in fact all of us can reach toward a change in society if we come together and work hard on this issue.

The best example in the world for the revolution that impacted the youth, is Iceland. During the years 1980-1990 most of the youth in this country took the way to bad habits, a period which is marked as “The dark epoch” of Iceland.

What did Iceland do with their youth?

It made a set of rules, for all the citizens to follow:

  1. All teenagers after 22:00 should be at their homes, parents watched after this time;
  2. Parents signed an oath:”We will spend more time with our families”;
  3. The government financially supported all organizations for engaging teenagers in sports activities.
  4. The state rewarded youngsters who were engaged in sports.

Everything was done to help the youth and Iceland made it.

Some of the reasons why teenagers go on this path, is that they are informed very little in this area, parents don’t work a lot with their children, the social problems that these youngsters face, problems in fitting in the social environment and above all, the pressure to look more “cool”.

Statistical data for the youth of Kosovo, also show alarming numbers in the usage of these substances.

“There are around 25,000 users of narcotic substances in Kosovo. About five thousand of them are considered to be active users”-says Safet Blakaj, leader of the Medico-Psychotherapeutic Center “Labyrinth”.

In current studies on adolescents who consume these substances, it has been concluded that that are many seriously health condition such as psychological and physical condition related to the users, and this also includes the families of all persons who choose this route with or without intent. So, besides destroying their lives they destroy everything around them.

“Avoid using cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as alternatives to being an interesting person”-Marilyn Vos Savant.

It is time to react to this sensitive issue and for this problem to be solved by all of us as a state, otherwise our youth is heading towards a very dangerous path for all of us. It is also time for great changes in our society and the future of our country, and moving to another dimension of consciousness, is the first step. Only with a little work and patience we will can bring change.







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