II. 4. Guidelines on bullying for media

See the link: http://www.stopbullying.gov/news/media/index.html

Included are definitions of terms, facts about bullying, media guidelines, best practices, what to avoid, and recommendations for media.

Bullying: unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and repetition of behaviors or high likelihood of repetition.

Best practices:

  • Question which stories about bullying to run
  • Get the entire, balanced story and present it accurately
  • Use knowledgeable sources and reputable resources
  • Include information that many stories miss
  • Use nuanced, accurate journalism to make the world safer for youth
  • Consider the standards that will shape your coverage of bullying issues before news breaks

What to avoid:

  • Overstating the problem
  • Stating or implying that bullying caused a suicide
  • Oversimplifying issues related to a bullying incident
  • Using under-qualified sources
  • Blaming/criminalizing those who bully
  • Sensationalizing
  • Excluding prevention information and resources

Cited from the website, accessed on 12/08/2016.

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