III. 1. Image Link

Images carry reference to things we recognize, for example an envelope icon for most means email. However, disagreements can also exist around the meaning of images. For an older generation that remembers handwritten letters an envelope can reference a love letter. Differences in meaning can therefore be generational, as the envelope example shows, but such differences are always results of changes in social, cultural, economic and political settings.  The latter is what the rest of this module focuses on.

Split into groups of two people or more. As a group look at the following pictures (7 objects):

Discuss and agree amongst themselves what each image represents. After this, come up with a story by arranging the images according your preference. By referring to each picture make up a story that connects all the pictures into one narrative. You may want to write down your narrative. You can name the images (e.g. chair, door, etc.), repeat them in your narrative, and/or provide a description or meaning. There are no strict rules on naming, description, or interpretation.

Taking turns narrating to the other groups the story you came up with. Once you have all shared your stories discuss the differences and similarities in your narratives, the way you named and described the images. From where do you think these similarities and differences come?

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