III. 2. Chair exercise

You can this of this exercise as a game. You might even wish to suggest it to a teacher and do the exercise at school, or with a group of friends in another setting.

Sit in a circle and place one chair in the middle of the circle. Each one of you takes turns describing what you see.

Relying on the responses it might become evident that differences in physical positions (where one is standing/sitting) provides us with a particular viewpoint. These views are similar to the views we have depending on our social, historical, and economical positions.

For example, freedom of movement is generally conditioned by political and economic limits and possibilities. If we consider the case of visa liberalization in Kosovo, we see that political developments have created a situation where Kosovar citizens are not able to move from one country to another in the EU as their neighbors can. However, some groups of Kosovars have more mobility then others (the more affluent, for example). Therefore, our social, economic and political positions shapes they way we interpret what we see.


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