I.5.1. Simulation Exercise

Once you have read the articles provided in the critical reading exercise (I.5.) you can engage in a simulation exercise. (You can also play this simulation using another article of your choice.

Split into three groups (you can also play the simulation with three people)

Each group/person will work to develop their position while presenting one of the actors in the articles.  You have 20 min to prepare.

Each group delegates one member to present their position. The delegates are given 10 minutes to present.

Group/person one will present the position of UNMIK.

Group/person two will present the position of an affected community member.

Group/person three will present the position of the lawyers representing the community.

For the content of group presentations:

For the presentation (position argumentations) the groups should refer to specific information, evidence, and stories, provided in the article. This way they are expected to present their position based on the narrative of the article.

Identify in the article, and then present, the persons/representatives of each source (UNMIK, lawyers, community) making statements

Identify in the article, and then present, the statements made by each source (UNMIK, lawyers, community)

Identify in the article claims, arguments, and information, made/provided by each source. Present the same claims, arguments, and information.

Write these statements down and synthesize in short sentences.

Supplement presentation relying on answers generated to Set 1 – 3 questions.

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