What is Ponder?

Ponder is a three-day workshop that aims to foster media literacy and critical approaches to information among adolescents and youth. Through Ponder, the Innovations Lab, so far has reached and empowered more than 80 adolescents and young people from all areas of Kosovo to approach information critically, to identify and examine bias, and to judge the value, authenticity, and authority of the information they encounter.

The internship, is a one month hands-on media practice, offered to the best written article/piece from the participants of Ponder workshop. The internship aims to further develop critical media literacy skills and raise the possibility for employment to those participating. So far Ponder has managed to include more than 15 youngsters in different media institutions in Kosovo, such as Zeri, Kosovapress, EkonomiaOnline, KTV, Koha.net, Lajmi.net, Insajderi.com and RTV Dukagjini.

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